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A collective program to make targeted medicine an accessible reality in oncology and beyond.

Personalized and Precision Medicine (PM) can transform lives, but its potential benefits have not yet been fully realized. Today, the PM landscape is rapidly changing and fragmented. Efforts to expand it are piecemeal and disconnected. Best practices are hard to identify, and lack of standardization on national and global levels is a challenge. Patients are often unaware that better treatments may exist, and are not able to discuss these options with their doctors. Even where treatments are available, barriers to access may prevent that treatment from being offered to patients. Healthcare professionals may need support in interpreting data or in making clinical decisions.  As a result, patients do not benefit from optimal treatment, with a health, societal and economic impact.

The From Testing to Targeted Treatment Program (FT3), established in 2020, is a global, open, and collaborative multi-stakeholder consortium. We use a co-creation approach, building with patients for patients. We bring together diverse stakeholders and activities in PM to defragment efforts, accelerate best practices and co-create practical tools and actionable materials to drive real change and impact, starting with cancer and testing. Our goal is to accelerate the benefits of PM by generating better evidence, creating awareness and building the conditions for better access to targeted medicine in oncology and beyond.

Who we are
An independent, nonprofit global consortium
of individual patients, patient organizations, pharma & diagnostics companies, HCPs and medical societies, payers, HTA bodies and regulators, contributing funding and/or expertise in-kind.

A patient-led global initiative: 

  • 8 Founding Members from patient community
  • Min. 40% patient representation on the Board
  • 3 working groups co-led by patients


Initiative Purpose

Time line

Currently underway


Bettina Ryll

Founder Melanoma Patient Network Europe


Nicola Bedlington

Secretary General at European Patients' Forum

Brussels, Belgium

Begoña Nafría Escalera

Patient Expert Reviewer en Research Involvement and Engagement Journal

Esplugues de Llobregat, Spain

Sant Joan de Déu Research Foundation / From Testing to Targeted Treatments (FT3)

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Jan Geissler



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Sanja Njegic

Global Head Patient Partnership

F. Hoffmann La Roche

Nicole Wicki

Program Manager at The Synergist


The Synergist / From Testing to Targeted Treatments (FT3)

Silvia Bornengo

Program Coordinator

The Synergist / From Testing to Targeted Treatments (FT3)




Jun02:30 PM


Jun06:00 PM

Patient Engagement Open Forum 2021


Apr02:30 PM


Apr04:00 PM

How to Connect Patients to Digital Health?


PEOF 2020 recording - From diagnosis to treatment and beyond: personalized medicine – what’s in it for patients and understanding patient needs to make it a reality?

26 Mar 2021 Video

PEOF 2020 slides - From diagnosis to treatment and beyond: personalized medicine – what’s in it for patients and understanding patient needs to make it a reality?

29 Sep 2020 Other