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The European Alliance for Transformative Therapies is calling for the integration of key priorities and considerations for cell and gene therapies during the implementation of the Pharmaceutical Strategy for Europe and other relevant EU healthcare initiatives. The Alliance is currently developing a Consensus Statement in collaboration with patient advocates, medical experts and industry representatives to identify key areas for action to promote rapid patient access to potentially life-saving cell and gene therapies. 

The field of healthcare is benefitting from continuous innovation, which has fundamental implications for patients across Europe. Novel cell and gene therapies are coming to market and are showing potentially curative effects that transform the lives of patients who suffer from debilitating and often life-threatening genetic diseases. However, there is a growing realisation that health systems may not be prepared to facilitate access to these novel treatments. These key challenges forecast an unwelcome scenario: without effective preparation, these transformative new therapies may not reach patients who need them.

Any tangible solution to these challenges must stem from constructive and regular discussions among a wide range of key stakeholders. Policymakers and regulators need reliable information to consider the roots of the issues and make informed decisions, which consider the perspectives of patient communities, healthcare professionals, researchers and industry representatives.

For this reason, an interest group on cell and gene therapies has been set up to facilitate these multistakeholder discussions in order to reach consensus on the key challenges and solutions, inform policymakers about these topics and ultimately prepare healthcare systems for the adoption of these innovative therapies.

The distinctive element of the Alliance is the multi-stakeholder approach. With the support of Members of the European Parliament, the Alliance gathers the varied perspectives of patient groups, medical experts, medical associations, healthcare and non-healthcare specialists, scientists, researchers and industry actors.


The Alliance, supported by MEPs Claudia Gamon (RE, Austria), Ondrej Knotek (RE, Czechia) and Tomislav Sokol (EPP, Croatia)

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Silvia Bornengo

Program Coordinator

The Synergist / From Testing to Targeted Treatments (FT3)



Call to Action on Transformative Therapies in Europe

25 Feb 2021 Publication

Political Priorities for Cell and Gene Therapies in the Context of Pharmaceutical Strategy

12 Mar 2021 Publication